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  • Eu nu sunt doctor si nu am nicio legatura cu medicina.
  • Cretu Carmen - Medic primar infectionist, Spitalul Colentina, Bucuresti
  • Dr Bozsik - infectionist, Ungaria- mailul la care raspunde :
  • Emilia Lungut - medic primar neurolog Spitalul Militar Bucuresti
  • Tatiana Rosca- medic primar oftamolog, neurochirurg, spitalul Pantelimon, Bucuresti

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sfaturi utile

Therapy Range offered by the Medical Partnership Dr. Nicolaus & Dr. Schwarzbach 

1. For better tolerance and effectiveness of antibiotics:    

- Dietary supplement (Micro nutrients therapy,  
probiotics, etc.)  
- Natural Remedies (for immune modulation,  
- stop inflammation, detox)  
- Electro therapies (finding and eliminating 
“hidden” Borrelia from cell tissue and 
achieve  pain relief) 
- Oxygen therapy  

2. Pain therapy with medicine and other reme- 
3. Milieu therapy with change of diet: streng- 
thens organs, deacidification & detox, alkaline, 
healthy and balanced nutrition   
4. Improvement of the  body physique through 
individual exercise programs with experienced 
5. Gain confidence and lose your fears: finding 
your mental balance again, detect and recog- 
nise depression and causes of stress, ex- 
change experience with other patients 
6. Additional therapy offers of the complementary medicine: TCM (traditional Chinese 
medicine, primarily acupuncture, herbology and dietetics), homoeopathy, naturo- 
7. Guidelines for “self-help“ (lifestyle)  
8. Deacidification and Detox Programs (especially after an antibiotic treatment) 

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