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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ce spun oameni mai destepti ca mine

This is how you can diagnose Lyme Disease a Lyme disease infection progresses in 3 
stages depending on symptoms and ailments (time specification after the tick bite): 

1. Stage I   
(after days up to weeks): “bull’s eye rash“ (“Erythema chronicum 
migrans“, only  in 40-70% of all cases), Borrelia lymphocytoma, 
headache, fever, sweating, “Summer flue“ (app. 20% of all 
cases), exhaustion and fatigue, facial palsy (especially with chil- 
2. Stage II  
(after weeks up to months): inflammation of the brain; meninges; 
spinal marrow; any nerve in the human body, inflammations of 
the joints (“arthritis”), joint and muscle pain, inflammation of the 
eye, liver and kidneys, myocarditis, pericarditis, Cardiac 

Borrelia burgdorferi – a spiro- 
chete bacteria with a range of 
over 300 proven species world 
3. Stage III  
(after months up to years): Thinning of the skin at the back of the hand, (“Acrodermatitis chronica 
atrophicans“), Borrelia lymphocytoma (ear, nose, scrotum), lethargy, fatigue, paraesthesia, cogni- 
tive dysfunction, muscle inflammations, joint inflammations and swelling, tendon inflammations, in- 
flammation of the bursa, vasculitis, myocardinal diseases, depression. 

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