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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lista cu simptome Lyme


01 Unusual fatigue, chronic exhaustion, 
permanent tiredness 
02 Incompatibility of alcohol, „hangover“ which lasts 
longer then normal 
03 General weakness, low condition, physical and 
mental tiredness 
04 State of health is improving or degrading with 
05 State of health changes within short periods 
06 Fever, feverish feeling 
07 Shivers, feeling cold 
08 General aches and pains 
09 Cold hands and feet although you are staying in 
a warm room 
10 No fever during a cold, suspicious to infections 
Swollen lymph nodes 

where ?   

................................................................... 3 

Food intolerance 

which one ?  

Insomnia, problems with sleeping throughout the 
night, falling asleep initial, feeling of exhaustion 
after waking up, waking up early, not enough 
sleep 3     
14 Night-time sleep   ………….hours 
15 Day-time sleep   ……………hours 
Pain character: migratory, stabbing, shooting, 
drilling, burning pain 
where ?  
................................................................... 3     
17 Pain during recovery, often during the day, in the 
evening, by night 
18 Frequency of pain: always, depending on 
weather, stress, movement 
19 Ague ( shivering) 
20 Day perspiration, sweating 

Night perspiration  

including waking up around  ………….. am / pm 
22 Symptoms get worse about every fourth week 
23 Symptoms get worse after infections 
24 Symptoms changes often between body parts 
01 Achilles tendon pain, tendon problems 
02 Increasingly restriction in movement 
03 Carpal tunnel syndrome 
04 Pain on heel bone, shinbone 
05 Palsy, e.g. in face 
06 Muscle cramps 
07 Muscle pain, ligament pain (fibromyalgia) 

08 Muscle weakness       
09 Amyotrophia 
10 Back pain, stiff back 
11 Bursitis 
12 Tremor, muscle tremor, e.g. on face, 
uncontrolled movements 

D Skin variation, disturbance of 
feelings, paraesthesia 

01 “Pins and needles” 
Pain when touched, hypersensitive skin  
03 Burning 
04 Inflamed nodes in skin 

13 Redness, eczema, spots 
14 Shooting pain 
15 Stabbing, piercing pain 
16 Paraesthesia 
17 Dry skin  

Inflamed lymphatic pathways, red stripes 
06 Painful sole of foot 

07 Skin partly thin, paper-like, transparent 
08 Chilliness, feeling cold 
09 Varices, inflammation of veins 
10 Feeling of prickle, tingle  
11 “Pins and needles” 
12 Numbness 

Brain / nerves 


Aggressiveness, bad temper, loss of reality,  
Attacks, change of personality 

02 Fear, anxiety, panic attacks,  

03 Lack of energy: restlessness, listlessness, 
agitation, apathie 

04 Obnubilation, drowsiness, need to lay down or to 
sit, feeling of being “beside yourself” 

05 Impaired consciousness, change of 
consciousness, clouding of consciousness 


Disorientation, confusion, getting lost 


07 Smell or taste disorder 

08 Difficulty in concentrating, reading difficulties, 
mental block 

09 Headaches, migraine, feeling of pressure (head) 

10 Epilepsy, cramp attack or spasm 

11 Probleme in absorbing new information 

12 Psychosis, hallucination, paranoia, delusions, 
bipolar disorder 


Vertigo, balance disturbance, movement 
disturbance, dizziness, motion sickness, 
Speech disorder, slip of the tongue, wrong words 
or pronunciation, difficulties in talking or writing, 
mixing up letters or figures 
15 Mood swings, depression, excitability, 
16 More afflicted by stress than others, increased 
crying, reduced self-esteem 
17 Insecure in going up and down the stairs 
18 Forgetfulness, bad short-term memory, less 
19 Amentia, confusion, concentration difficulties 
Difficulties remembering names or words 
(amnesic aphasia), problems finding the right 
21 Rage attack, outburst of fury 

Head / Neck 

01 Eyes: impairment of visual acuity (scotoma), 
glaucoma, pain behind eye ball 

02 Eyes:  light sensitivity 

03 Eyes: vision is double, blurry, foggy, cloudy, 

04 Eyes: impaired visual acuity  

05 Red eyes (inflammation of the iris), conjunctivitis, 
“burning eye“ 

06 Sixth nerve palsy, squinting (strabismus), 

07 Tearing eyes 

08 Dry eyes 

09 Loss of hair 

13 Mouth:  mucous membrane irritation 

14 Xerostomia 

15 Epistaxis/ nose bleeding 

16 Ears: itchy, swollen earlap 

17 Ears: sensitive to noise 

18 earache 

Ringing in the ears, tinnitus, acute hearing loss, 
hardness of hearing 


20 Difficulties swallowing, reflux 

21 Flicking 

22 Toothache 


10 Dry throat, swallowing difficulties 

11 Sore throat 

12 Jaw:  long lasting infections 

G Abdomen / thorax  
                     Internal organs it 


Shortness of breath during physical activity, 
breathlessness, coughing, need to clear the 
throat, bronchitis  

02 Abdominal pain or cramps, pelvis pain 

03 Pancreas diseases 

04 Acute bladder, frequent urge to urinate 
At night around  ............ am / pm 

05 Cystitis, any kind of bladder disorder 

06 Temporary blood pressure changes, differences 
between blood pressure of left and right arm  

07 Diabetes, low blood sugar levels 

08 Rip pain, thorax pain, soreness of rips  

09 Breast pain ( woman ), breast pressure, 
increased lactation 

10 Intestinal problems:  diarrhoea, constipation 

11 Genital pain, groin pain 

12 Bleeding haemorrhoids 

13 Cardiac pain, cardiac flutter 

14 Cardiac murmurs, cardiac valve prolapse 

15 Hear palpitations, tachycardia 

16 Cardiac arrythmia, heart stumbling 

17 Corset feeling below the chest 

18 Liver diseases 

19 Stomach-ache, nausea, sensitive stomach, loss 
of appetite, vomiting  

20 Irregularity of menstruation 

21 Kidney diseases 

22 Decrease or increase of virility / libido 

23 Prostate disorders 

24 Thyroid diseases 

25 Heartburn 


26 Digestion problems, flatulence 

27 Diaphragmatic hernia 

Eu, avand boala de cand eram mica (este posibil s-o fi luat de la mama mea deoarece si ea are multe din simptome ) am avut peste 50 din simptomele enumerate.

Asa ca nu va pripiti in a spune ca qaveti lyme daca aveti 1 simptom sau 2.

Ce pot sa zic, de abia astept sa las toate problemne de sanatate in urma. Toate simptomele au fost cauzate de Lyme.

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